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Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation

The Family Skill Building- Supervised Visitation Program is dedicated to providing a safe neutral environment where parents and children can spend quality time together. Our goal is to facilitate the visitation process and help families get the most out of this special time together.

The program utilizes space at the Council of Social Concern, located at 2 Merrimac Street, in Woburn, Massachusetts. There are child-friendly rooms equipped with age appropriate toys and games that allow for quality parent/child interaction. One of the rooms includes an audio and visual monitoring system. (Visits are not taped.) The facility is a safe secured building with handicap access. We are located in a safe populated neighborhood close to bus and train lines.

Intake interviews are required for all parents/caretakers (guardians/custodial/non-custodial).  All interviews are scheduled separately and are conducted at the Council of Social Concern.

On-site supervised visits are provided every other Saturday, for 1.5 hours duration, plus child transfer times of 10 minutes before and after visitations. Educational supervision is offered upon request for an additional fee.  The program also has some availability to conduct visits for birth parents on a less frequent basis. 

Intake Fee of $100.00.
Supervised Visitation Fee of $75.00 for a 1½ hour visit, includiesg the additional transfer time).

To learn more about the program, please call Dean Solomon, Executive Director, at 781-935-6495 x202.  If you choose to be on a waiting list, he will pass your information on to Dawn Lorino, the Program Director.  She will call you to schedule an intake when a visitation slot is available.  Her phone number is 781-935-6495, x217 and her email her at  As she only works part-time, please allow up to 3 workdays for her to return your message. 

Council of Social Concern
2 Merrimac Street
Woburn, MA 01801